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I stopped at a local convenience store tonight to cash in some scratcher lottery tickets that have been on my desk for a few months. When I got inside there was an old Black gentleman with a cane making a purchase at the register. The cashier told him the items he wanted would be $4.65 so the man pulled some dollar bills out of his wallet and handed them to her.

“How many is that?” he asked. The cashier told him it was four dollars. “How many more you need?” the man inquired. The reply came that he needed to give her one more dollar, which he did.

After the clerk gave the man his change and bagged his purchases, the man pushed the two bags to the side and stepped away. He looked at me and said he was trying to remember what else he needed and what he already had purchased. I told him to look in the bags to see. Instead he asked the clerk if he bought chips and candy. “Yes.” He then started out into the aisle, presumably to look for more items. I cashed my tickets in and received a couple dollars.

When I turned around the man was looking at me and seemed confused. “Do you need some help?” I asked. Before he could answer a younger woman came into the store and wanted to know what was taking the old man so long. She then looked at me. I told her I was trying to see if he needed some help because he seemed confused.

The old man blurted out, “That’s my daughter.” I acknowledged that fact and, seeing he was in good hands said, “I get confused sometimes too. Take care.”

As I turned to leave the old gentleman enthusiastically called out, “Keep on living.” I turned and smiled and said, “You too friend.”korean-times-girl-saves-with-CPR-cropped

10 Year-old Girl Saves a Life Three Hours After Learning CPR

At that point the lotto winnings were meaningless. I had won something a whole lot more valuable than money. I had won a new friend.

Today was a good day.

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