It’s been said that you never know when CPR will come in handy–including minutes after you’ve learned it.

Literally three hours after learning the technique, a 10-year-old girl in Seoul performed it on an unconscious man who’d just had heart attack near his apartment building.

Earlier that day, she had learned to press down 30 times per minute, and that’s exactly what she did until the man began to wake.

Believed to be in his 50s, the man was taken to the hospital and later released. She had saved his life.reunion of doctor and paramedic-KTLAvideo

Paramedic Saves Doctor Who Saved His Life 30 Years Earlier


“I was scared, but just wanted to help him out,” she was quoted as saying by the Korea Times. “Now I know CPR can really help people. I want to take my friends to the training.”

Responded to the call was the Gangseo Fire Station–where she’d just learned CPR.

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