Even though it may seem like people will try and find a reason for disagreement, these two kids in North Carolina agreed that showing respect for the American flag was an important thing to do – and they were not the only ones who thought so.

Last week, the Roseboro Fire Department of North Carolina posted a picture to their Facebook page depicting the two kids putting their hands over their hearts as firefighters raised the flag.

According to the post, the kids had been riding a scooter and a hoverboard down the road when they paused, put their hands to their chests, and made the pledge of allegiance as the U.S flag was being raised to full staff.

An officer quickly took a picture of the heartwarming gesture and asked for permission to post it to social media, which was promptly given by the two kids.

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Much to the surprise of Fire Chief Kenneth Coleman, the post ended up being shared thousands of times.

“I would’ve never thought that it would’ve gone this far,” he told CNN. “It has definitely exploded a lot more than I thought it would.”

He also said that he believes the two kids could one day grow up to serve as firefighters or police officers.

“Both jobs require workers to be respectful and professional and they are being taught that now, so there is hope for the future,” Coleman wrote.

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