There’s a unique ‘library’ in Las Cruces, New Mexico. But it’s kittens – not books – that people are checking out.

A few years ago, county officials installed a little kitty condo in the lobby of their office building. The cats, from a local shelter–available for adoption– are available to any employee looking for a temporary ‘fur fix’ during the workday.

The kittens help relieve stress, community planner Angela Roberson told CBS’s Steve Hartman. “I mean how can it not when you have a little fuzzy thing that you can take back to your office?”bus-duck-AdventuresofJonnyandNibbles

Duck Waits at a Bus Stop Every Day for This Boy, His Full-Time Parent (WATCH)


It’s not just a morale boost for the workers – it’s helping the homeless animals too. Officials say, so far, 100 kittens have been adopted from the library.

(WATCH the video below, from CBS News *NOTE* auto-playing page, so adjust speakers) Photo CBS video

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