duck in backpack-Adventures of Jonny and Nibbles-FB

When Nibbles was just a duckling, he imprinted a little boy as his rightful parent. With no mother of his own, the animal needed a full-time caregiver–and he got one.

The daily adventures of Johnny and Nibbles range from diving in the kiddie pool to riding on bikes and wagons of all kinds.

duck-in-buggy-Adventures of Jonny and Nibbles-FB

Most adorable, though, is when mom takes Nibbles to the bus stop in her car, where the duck waits inside the window and longs for Johnny to return from school. Check out his excited reaction, in the video below, when he sees Johnny finally emerge.

boy-kissing-duck-Adventures of Jonny and Nibbles-FB

It seems like Nibbles has overtaken the pups of this world as man’s best friend. Follow them on The Adventures of Johnny and Nibbles Facebook page.

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