I’ve got great news! Information that is known, yet not always remembered… You have a superpower! We all do…

Each of us: you, me, the bus driver, the florist, our children, teachers… everyone!

We are all blessed with the superpower of conscious choice.

When I think about the superpower we have been given, I find myself in utter amazement. To my knowledge, we are the only species in the known universe that have the superpower of conscious choice.

What is this superpower’s kryptonite?? I think it’s our fears, insecurities, need for instant gratification, and playing the victim to our circumstances.

To be clear, we all get rained on. I know it’s said time and time again, but needs to be said now too: It’s not the cards we’ve been dealt, but how we play them that matters.

If we are NOT using this conscious choice to live out our hopes and dreams, then we are wasting our superpower and one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given.

You may be thinking, “That’s great Michelle, but HOW do I use the power of conscious choice to create my future?”joy-on-beach

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First, let’s pull out the “Ploog Dictionary” and take a moment to define conscious choice as: choosing action in the present moment to create a desired outcome for the future.

For example, in your dream life you may see yourself with 6-pack abs and a perfectly rounded booty. Every single day you are presented with choices that will either create this as your reality or take you further away from it.

Like it or not, it’s the choices that you make throughout your daily life that determine whether you meet a goal or you don’t.

Think of it as the moment you are faced with the option between 5:30 yoga or 5:30 happy hour. One isn’t better or worse, but each take you a step closer to your chosen 6-pack.

Look at career, love, family, contribution, self-confidence and fulfillment. What are the assumed possible results when you choose between logging into Facebook or working on an item you have moved way to the side of your and gold stairs

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You can choose to send your significant other a love note or irritated text because they left a tissue out on the nightstand (or both!). You can choose between standing up for what’s right or hiding in silence.

You have been given a superpower. The superpower of conscious choice. As with all power, comes responsibility. Choose wisely and choose what’s in alignment with your desired goals.

What you focus on will create your future.

I hope this has inspired your day and will continue to inspire you throughout the week. Forward to a friend in need of a pep talk – you never know how you can ignite someone’s superpower into creating their dream life!

Thank you for reading!
Much Love and BIG smiles, Michelle Ploog

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