Israeli Knesset laughsWhile making a speech in front of the Israeli parliament, the education minister burst into a laughing fit that went viral on Tuesday on Israeli websites.

Hearing the opening sentence for the first time, Shai Piron, who is also a rabbi, could not get past the words dealing with a proposed law against smuggling cell phones into Israel’s prisons: “Mr. Chairman, distinguished Parliament, the aim of this legislation is to deal with a serious phenomenon – the penetration of prohibited objects into prisons.”

The giggling began to spread in the chamber, with other members wiping their eyes and grinning.

Even when you don’t speak Hebrew, the laughter is absolutely contagious. He finally becomes so tied up in giggles, he could not continue and had to sit down.

(WATCH their video below, and READ the story from Reuters)

The fun really starts around 1:30 in to the video.

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