Josef Avesar, a successful Encino lawyer, has created a plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “The concept was intriguing enough to keep 300 Israelis, Arabs and Americans engaged during a recent three-hour symposium at UCLA,” reports the Jewish Journal. Mr. Avesar believes:

“It would create a momentum unparalleled in the history of the Middle East. Israelis and Palestinians would realize that there are more positive ways of dealing with each other. Age-old prejudices would soften, and accusations hurled by both sides would diminish. The public would be so galvanized by the success of the election and its attendant optimism that both sides would pressure their governments to cooperate with the federal system.”

It involves the creation of a Confederation that would serve as a mechanism for establishing projects of mutual benefit, such as utility grids, transportation systems and hospitals, composed of 300 independently elected delegates from every region.

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