“At 94, a piano novice is playing out a dream, proving it’s never too late to learn.” (See video at Charlotte Observer or read text below)


  1. Hi, since in fall into the “senior” category age wise, I need to hear more and more of this type of thing, thanks for that. Here is one of my recent One Minute Motivators that speaks to the same idea:

    “George Elliot said, ?It is never too late to be what you might have been?, and I think
    he was right. Many of us think we are too old, or it is too late to become what we want
    to be. The fact is, it is never too late, and you are never too old to be what you were
    meant to be. Some of the major achievements in the world were made by people that
    many would consider ?old?, and many of these ?old? people, did not begin their work
    on their great achievements until they were well along in their years. What is the
    difference how many years have past, if you can do something now or in the future that brings you closer to your destiny, do it.”

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    Ed Smith

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