A little boy desperately wanted to go hunting with anybody who might want to take him. So when Alex Collins saw the invitation from the Chester County Sheriff on the department’s Facebook page, he jumped at the chance and wrote a letter.

He wrote to the sheriff explaining, “It’s just me and my Mom and she’s too sick to do stuff… She has a bad heart. I think you are really nice to do this. I hope you pick me to go.”

But there was one problem: The sheriff offering the outing lived in Chester County, South Carolina — not Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Alex was heartbroken until some big-hearted folks stepped in and helped him to have an “awesome” 2-day trip.

To begin their adventure, Sheriff Alex Underwood took little Alex shopping for boots, pants, a camouflage jacket and a fishing tackle box before heading into the woods.

He spent $220, much of it his own money, and had to hold back tears when he was asked about his feelings for the boy during an interview.

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