Ebola has finally left Liberia.

The World Health Organization has officially announced that the last case of Ebola has been cleared out of the country.

The last case was cleared more than 42-days ago, the time WHO requires before declaring a country free of Ebola.

Liberia has been keeping a close watch to make sure no more cases crop up, and the five dedicated Ebola labs in the country have continued testing roughly 300 samples per week. Since March 24, all have come up negative.

“It is a tribute to the government and people of Liberia that determination to defeat Ebola never wavered, courage never faltered. Doctors and nurses continued to treat patients, even when supplies of personal protective equipment and training in its safe use were inadequate,” the WHO statement said.

The WHO attributed Liberia’s strong leadership and initiative in educating people about the disease, as well as strong international support, to stopping the outbreak.

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Photos: (top)  UNMEER, CC – (homepage) UNMIL-Staton Winter, CC

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