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A chauffeur was driving in New York last week when he saw a car stopped in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. He noticed a little dog limping underneath the vehicle, and pulled over his limousine to hurry over and help.

“The dog was nervous and didn’t want to move from under the car so I went back to my limousine to find something I could use as a leash,” said Garrick Quinones. “Thank God I quickly found my phone cord and went back under the car to get him.”

After a few tries the stray allowed Quinones to put a cord on him, and lead him slowly out—all while cars were rushing by and honking.

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The driver scooped up the pup and went searching for the nearest police officer. He could see the dog was thirsty and bought a bottle of water.

Quinones, who works at Limousine of New York, brought him to the 19th police precinct and was told they would scan the red-haired dog for a chip because it didn’t have collar. He told Good News Network wanted to stay with the dog, which looked like Toto from the Wizard of Oz but, the officer assured him they would give him water and take care of him.

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“My newest little dog friend looked up at me and started to follow me and didn’t want me to leave after I brought him to the precinct,”

A few hours later the police called to say the dog did have a chip and the owners were contacted.

A happy ending, but also another reminder of the importance of having your pets microchipped.

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