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Is old-fashioned storytelling and merriment a thing of the past?

Nay! The fantasy lives, and it’s eco-friendly.

Inspired by the writings of J.R.R. Tolkein, ancient mythology and Victorian romanticism, The Travelers of Elsewhere circus troupe will be enchanting Scottish audiences this summer by performing in forests across the country–and sleeping under the stars while they do it.

The small group will travel to local woodlands in a horse drawn carriage to perform in green spaces within walking distance of towns. Promoting love of the environment and sustainable lifestyles, the caravan will entertain with a mix of interactive theater, improvisation and storytelling in the midst of their encampment.TARDIS free library-Sarah-Cochrane-FB

Tiny Library in Dr. Who Box Restored for Neighbors by Random Kindness


Their juggling and puppet shows prove that entertainment doesn’t have to involve a whole bunch of Hollywood technology. But they do need horses and a second cart, so they are crowd-funding their tour.

Kenn Musso, the Director and Cofounder of Elsewhere Events believes that a more sustainable society will be better equipped to find creative solutions for problems, and hopes to inspire children to look toward nature for solutions and fun.

If you’re able to catch the performance, please let us know if the Hobbit drives a Prius.

(WATCH their enchanting video below) – Story tip from Antti Jalkanen

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