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Call it a miracle or just animal instincts – either way, this little black pooch knew exactly where to go to receive a helping paw.

Capone the black Labrador retriever wandered into the Community Hospital in Anderson, Indiana early Thursday morning with an injured leg. Though the emergency room staff were surprised by the dog’s sudden appearance, they welcomed the weary four-legged patient and made sure he was safe until the veterinarian’s office opened.

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After posting a picture of the pup to Facebook with a note requesting information on the dog’s owner, Nick Karagianis called the hospital exclaiming with relief that the one-year-old puppy was his.

Capone’s injury was reportedly the result of being hit by a car, and the hospital staff even decided to pay for the vet bill on the condition that he get a microchip, so he doesn’t get lost in the future.

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