Lucy Vodden, courtesy of Lupus foundation

Lucy Vodden was the subject of a painting brought home from kindergarten by a young Julian Lennon, who showed it to his dad, John, and told him it was “Lucy — in the sky with diamonds”.

Julian got back in touch with Lucy a few years ago when he heard that she was battling Lupus, an auto-immune disease.

Now, a plaque commemorating the woman who inspired the Beatles’ hit, will be placed in Liverpool in memory of Vodden who died in 2009 at age 46. (See the drawing below)

Following her death, Lennon became heavily involved with St Thomas’ Lupus Trust, which commissioned the plaque, and he become the Lupus Foundation of America’s Global Ambassador.

The video below was made for World Lupus Day May 10. Julian describes knowing Lucy and tells how her death inspired him to help raise money and awareness for the terrible disease, which affects millions.

Lucy In the Skies With Diamonds - original drawingLiverpool’s City Council agreed to the placing of a ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ plaque in Mathew Street in Liverpool, which is the Mecca for fans of the Beatles. The sculptor of the bronze plaque will be Lauren Voiers, who is the young sculptor responsible for the John Lennon Peace monument in Liverpool.

This will take place alongside the launch of the ‘Lucy Vodden Lupus Research Fellowship’ a  lupus research project in Lucy’s name so all excess funds from the plaque will go towards that project.

Visit to donate to the cause in honor of Lucy and Julian.  All donors names will be listed in a commemorative book which will be kept in Liverpool.

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