When a little goldfish named Einstein got a “swim bladder” infection, it severely inhibited his ability to wiggle about.

Rather than just giving him the big flush, Einstein’s owner, Leighton Naylor, made him an underwater “life jacket” from recycled tubing.

To be fair, Einstein is not just any fish: he can do tricks, like swimming through hoops, a feat orchestrated by Naylor when he uses a wand.

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Naylor is not the first fish-owner to build a contraption like this: people have previously made mobility devices for their aquatic friends using materials like cork and tubing.

“People can be dismissive of goldfish as pets,” Naylor, who resides in Blackpool, England told SWNS.com. “But they are intelligent animals, as Einstein proves.”

The four-year-old fish looks very happy with his new rig.

(WATCH the video below)  Image credit: YouTube

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