Twice a month Greg Mahle leaves his home in Zanesville, Ohio to drive a semi-trailer through Texas and other southern states picking up dogs set to be euthanized.

He sleeps on a mattress among the dozens of dogs until he reaches states like Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Vermont, where loving families are waiting to adopt them.

His Rescue Road Trips rely on plenty of volunteers who help feed and play with the dogs along the way.

In the last decade Mahle has saved an average of 2000 dogs each year. See some of the happy new owners on the Rescue Trips’ Facebook Page.

“I’m not able to change the whole world,” he told the Zanesville Times Recorder. “But for a few dogs, I can change their whole world.”

READ the full story in the Zanesville Times Recorder – Story tip from Steve G.

— UPDATE: Watch a June 2014 video below from NBC

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