Most people don’t know what’s going to be written about them in their obituaries – that is, except for the late 91-year-old George Boivin who passed away on Sunday in his retirement home.

George had had his obituary penned out in 2010 in preparation for whenever he kicked the bucket. Following his death on Sunday, the Longmont Times-Call of Longmont, Colorado published the late grandfather’s last written word.

Though everyone was grieving the man’ passing, his obituary had a very simple last request for his friends, family, and readers.

The obituary read: “I have prepaid my funeral and decided that I would write my own obituary. I am going to be cremated and my ashes will be buried in the family plot in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Madison, ME with my wife and daughter. There will be no church, funeral or memorial service.

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“If you would like to honor my memory, take a close friend or relative out for coffee, lunch or dinner and SMILE, I will be there.

“I have dedicated my retirement to making people smile. To do this I tell them I am going to use ESP to program their mind to smile every time they see my face.

“As I will no longer be around, I have found a highly qualified replacement; every time you see his face you will think of ‘George’ and smile. P.S. You have been programmed.”

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The “his face” that George is referring to is a classic yellow smiley face sticker. The stickers are synonymous with George since he would give one to his manager every time he paid his rent, leaving her desk plastered with tiny smiles.

According to KSDK, George was notorious for only every planning out two aspects of his day: where he would eat breakfast and where he would eat lunch. This was because mealtimes were his favorite time to laugh, smile, and make new friends amongst strangers.

Though his passing is sad, it’s important to keep in mind how George wanted to be remembered; fondly and with a smile on your face.

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