So many of us dream of winning the lottery one day, but how many of us see the actual winning numbers in a dream? Victor Amole did just that.

According to WTTG, the computer programmer and resident of Virginia bought four tickets for the state Lottery’s “Cash 5” game. He decided to play the same numbers on all four tickets: 3-10-17-26-32.

The news station says that Amole had seen the lottery numbers in a dream. He told the Virginia Lottery that he knew he had to act on them because “I’ve never had a dream like that before.”

Although it was a risky move, buying the four tickets paid off: since each ticket was worth $100,000, Amole ended up winning it all and walking away with $400,000.

Winning like that is a rare feat, so it is hard to write off Victor’s dream as just a weird coincidence. WTTG talked to Amole about the dream and how he plans to use his winnings.

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