My son, along with his Marine unit in Iraq were out on Thanksgiving day and missed the whole dinner that was prepared for the holiday. Bummed because the mess hall had closed before they’d returned, they were told to go back to their bunks and eat military rations — not a happy alternative.
My kiddo got to his bunk and noticed the mail had been delivered while they were gone. Instead of opening his rations, he got to open the care package I’d sent that was filled with his favorite food. He was so excited.

Oddly, I was worried about that specific box, thinking it was a cheeky thing to send. I had included a canned turkey, cranberry sauce, and some individual pecan and apple pies I’d found in walmart, along with a tuna packet with crackers, jelly, pudding, fruit cocktail, eating utensils and hot cocoa with a camp thingy to warm up hot water (or soup) and instant coffee irish cream.

He said he really appreciated the thoughts that went into it, and it was the best thing he had eaten in days!

So even the weird box worked out well with what they go through. Thank you post office for getting him that box when he most certainly needed something good to happen! My hope for Christmas is that his unit has a chance to get their Christmas dinner.

– A proud Marine mom

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