1100-pound sturgeon caughtMichael and Margaret Snell of Salsbury, England came to British Columbia for a fishing adventure and, boy, did they find one. On their first day out, their first catch of the day, Michael hooked a Great White Sturgeon weighing 1,100 pounds (500 kilos).

Their Canadian guide, Dean Werk from Great River Fishing Adventures, says the 12 feet 4 inch long catch, is likely the largest freshwater fish ever landed in North America.

The British pensioners wrestled with the giant fish for 90 minutes on the Fraser River near Chilliwack. The guide calls the seniors lucky, too, saying a fish of that size is nearly impossible to land.

After taking photos to prove their fish tale, the catch was tagged and released.

(WATCH the video below)


  1. Yeah, I wonder how much longer it lived after a 90min battle tearing at its mouth then they ‘tagged’ it and released it?
    Probably would have been more humane to have just immediately killed it rather than let it suffer for many days in the water.

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