The Lesson: In this helpful take on relationships, a clinical psychologist discusses the principle qualities to be concerned with when you are looking for a long-term partner. Caution should be used when there is too much mismatch between the five fundamental personality types. He describes the five types, and the reasons that finding a person whose personality meshes with your own is so important—but also he also believes that being too alike will hamper one’s personal growth. What happens when opposites attract?

Notable Excerpt: “I think of marriage the same way, people think ‘oh, they lived happily ever after’ but that’s not what you want in a marriage. You want someone to contend with because you learn through that wrestling […] you learn where you’re an idiot and where you should stop being (fill in the blank). It’s the fact that you have to contend with someone under all sorts of circumstances. Theoretically, it’s a manner of promoting psychological, you could say, spiritual growth, and it’s genuine.

The Guest: A renown Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, Professor Peterson’s lectures are available on YouTube, and he also hosts his own podcast. He is the author of “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” and “Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief”.

The Host (relevant only for the second clip): H3H3 Productions is a comedy YouTube channel created by the Israeli-American husband and wife team Ethan and Hila Klein. Together, the duo produce reaction videos and sketch comedy. They also host the H3 Podcast which you can find on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Stitcher.

(LISTEN to the fascinating talk below)

He also has some tips for people who are already engaged in committed relationships – check out his advice below.

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