While Britain may be often maligned for its cuisine, or lack thereof, we portly Americans could learn a lesson from the good folks in Tavistock, Devon. Apparently the fresh, locally grown, healthy food available in other restaurants and in school cafeterias was so good that people stopped going to the local McDonald’s, forcing the restaurant to close up shop…


From This is London entertainment Web site:

John Taylor, chairman of Tavistock EatWise campaign, said, "Because of the quality of our local food McDonald’s has not been able to compete."

Earlier this year Tavistock won the title of Best Food Town in the South West.

Mr. Taylor said: "I think McDonald’s really started to suffer about 18 months ago when healthy meals were introduced in schools."

Wouldn’t it be great if more communities made the effort to feed their children good, healthy food?

One also has to appreciate the method in which Tavistock got rid of their McDonald’s — no angry protests, no lawsuits; they just offered better choices! (ThisIsLondon)

More information on Tavistock and the EatWise campaign
(JC Shakespeare submitted this story to GNN on December 7, 2006)

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