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Public school computer science is getting expensive. Fortunately, this tech giant has promised to help sponsor a new generation of engineers.

Microsoft has announced plans to invest $75 million in public school computer science courses over the next three years.THE BIG BANG THEORY

‘Big Bang Theory’ Funds Science Scholarships to UCLA

Tech companies are facing a shortage of new engineers coming out of America’s schools and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sees the investment as a way of getting students to pursue careers in computer science.

The tech giant will donate money and resources to nonprofit groups that support computer science programs around the world.

Microsoft will also expand its TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) program that pairs tech company engineers with teachers in K-12 schools. The company wants TEALS in 4,000 schools within the next ten years.math teacher CC BurningQuestion

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The program, part of Microsoft’s YouthSpark effort, will aim to create a more diverse crop of engineer candidates by focusing on rural and inner city schools.

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