Minecraft CEO Markus Persson at GDConference 2011-CCSince September 2010, Minecraft — the video game focused on creativity and building — has attracted millions of fans and become a huge hit.

The game’s Swedish creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, paid homage to his 20 employees Thursday by announcing on Twitter that he would pass along his $3 million in dividends to workers at his company, Mojang.

“Every single Mojangsta is a massive part of the reason Mojang is the best place on earth to work at right now,” Notch tweeted.

The generosity follows the company milestone reached last month of 5 million Minecraft units sold.

Employees tweeted their joy and shock: “Incredibly stunned still. I can’t even believe it. @notch is amazing,” wrote Lydia Winters.

Daniel Kaplan replied, “Im already crying…tears in shock and happiness.”

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