dog with man HeroPets4HeroVetsAfter living through military combat duty, adjusting to civilian life is one of the huge challenges facing veterans returning home. Disabled veterans themselves, Michael and Brenda Carlson understand the trauma. But today they feel the serenity of knowing they are helping others overcome that stress.

Inspired by the sudden bonding between their father, who is a veteran suffering with Vietnam-era Agent Orange poisoning, and a little rescue dog in their home, Brenda had an idea.

Her father-in-law’s improved condition following his friendship with the dog was remarkable: “Within months of taking the dog home, my father-in-law, who’d actually given up on life, had lost 40 lbs, his diabetes was under control.”

She immediately started an organization that matches vets in Nevada with compatible shelter pets. It is called Hero Pets 4 Hero Vets.

(WATCH the video below or read the story in the Huffington Post)

More info: HeroPets4HeroVets on Facebook

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