It’s not uncommon to see singing and dancing during the talent show segment of the Miss America pageant – but this lovely young biochemist was recently crowned the new Miss Virginia of 2019 thanks to a more unconventional performance.

24-year-old Camielle Schrier won the competition after she donned a white coat and rubber gloves for an on-stage science experiment.

Using hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide, Schrier demonstrated the process – – and colorful results – of catalytic decomposition.

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After pouring the iodide into the peroxide, the young biochemist immediately stepped away from the table to distance herself from the colorful foam that shot several feet into the air.

In addition to the performance impressing the audience, the science display clearly impressed the judges as well. Schrier was later crowned Miss Virginia 2019 – and since she is now preparing to compete in the Miss America Pageant in September, she hopes that her chemistry performance will inspire other young women to pursue their passions in STEM.

“I am more than Miss Virginia. I am Miss Biochemist, Miss Systems Biologist, Miss Future PharmD looking toward a pharmaceutical industry career,” she said in a release. “Now was the time for me to create a mind shift about the concept of talent by bringing my passion for STEM to the stage. To me, talent is not a passion alone, but also a skill which is perfected over years of learning.”

(WATCH the video below)

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