View ladies missing child returnedIt took just 15 minutes to locate a teen who went missing five months ago in New York City, after Whoopi Goldberg broadcasted her photo and appealed for help on the ABC talk show The View.

An anonymous tipster who recognized the 16-year-old’s profile from Friday’s segment called the Black and Missing Foundation to report her whereabouts, which led to her recovery at a women’s shelter.

The View wanted to help the Foundation create more parity between media attention focused on white women who go missing and women of color. They believe media attention is often key in finding missing persons.

“This reunion proves how vital national media coverage is in finding missing persons,” said Derrica Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of Black and Missing Foundation. “As an advocate for missing persons of color, it is our mission to help bridge the gap in the disparity of coverage of our missing persons.”

Although officials and family members still don’t know the circumstances of her absence, the parents are thrilled to have the girl back home safe in their arms.

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