ipod-nanos.jpg Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a way to charge lithium ion batteries in seconds, instead of hours, that could open the door to smaller, faster-charging batteries for cell phones and other devices.

Lithium ion batteries can store large amounts of energy, but can take hours to recharge. Now, a team of MIT scientists discovered that lithium ions, which carry electricity in the battery, can move much faster if they are aligned with tunnels that can be accessed from the surface of the battery.

(Full article at Network World)


  1. That’s good news. It would be great if they used it for remote controlled cars, planes,and boats. since allot of them take hours to charge. I have a RC plane I fly and it took all night to charge and didn’t last long… so you had to take multiple battery’s. This will be a life saver.

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