Moby, the acclaimed techno and house music DJ, is selling his entire personal record collection so he can donate all of the proceeds to an animal rights health group.

The Official Moby Reverb LP Shop is set to launch tomorrow on the Reverb website at 11AM EST. The store will feature over 1,000 records from the DJ’s collection, many of which include LPs that were essential building blocks for his career during the early New York City club scene.

Additionally, Moby is selling autographed and special edition pressings of his own albums.

“These are all the records that I bought and loved and played and carried all around the world,” Moby told Reverb. “I would rather you have them than me, because if you have them, you’ll play them, you’ll love them, and the money will go to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. So everybody wins. Well, except me, because now I don’t have any records.”

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The proceeds are being donated to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nonprofit health group that encourages vegan diets as a means of treatment. Back in April, Moby sold over 100 pieces musical gear, synths, and equipment on Reverb to benefit the same cause.

This is not the first time that Moby has advocated for animals rights, either – in November 2015, the DJ opened up the Little Pine vegan bistro in Los Angeles, which donates every nickel of their proceeds to animal rights charities.

“Opening Little Pine was never meant to be a conventional entrepreneurial endeavor,” Moby explains in a press release. “I want it to represent veganism in a really positive light, and also help to support the animal welfare organizations who do such remarkable work.”

(WATCH the promo video below)

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