A talented and confident guitarist is going viral after Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl allowed him to steal the show at one of their concerts last week.

The rock and roll fan had been attending the band’s sold-out show in Austin, Texas when he held up a sign that said: “Let Me Play Monkeywrench”.

Grohl spotted the sign and invited the fan on stage. Upon giving him the nickname “Kiss Guy”, because of his Kiss-inspired makeup, the frontman hugged the guy and offered up his own guitar.

“You ever done this before?” says Grohl cheekily. “It’s really fun.”

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With a small nod of his head, the fan pulls his own pick out of his pocket, takes the guitar, and launches into the iconic opening riff.

The fan, who was later identified as Yayo Sanchez, proceeds to blow everyone’s minds by headbanging, shredding guitar, harmonizing Grohl’s vocals, and dashing across the stage.

The song caps off with Grohl literally bowing before Sanchez while the crowd screams their approval.

And the Austin fans weren’t the only ones who loved the performance – since the video was uploaded by John Scurek to YouTube last week, it has quickly garnered over three million views.

(WATCH the cool video below) – Editor’s note: video contains cursing.

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