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“He was ‘dead’ for 45 minutes.”

That’s what doctors said after treating 14-year-old John Smith, who spent 15 minutes underwater in an icy lake. Now they are calling his recovery a “miracle.”

Dr. Kent Sutterer and his team performed CPR on John for 27 minutes with no success, reports KSDK-TV.

After wondering how long they should continue, his mother was called in to the room. She came in and started praying loudly.

“They hadn’t been getting a pulse at that time,” said Joyce Smith of St. Charles, Missouri. “All of a sudden I heard them saying, ‘We got a pulse, we got a pulse.'”

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Story tip from Judy Ritchie


    • Yeah, that’s a far more dramatic thing to believe, but the truth is that this is not an isolated phenomenon and is easily explained by a branch of science called cryonics. Look it up. Here. I’ll even make this link available to you: As explained if you take the time to read it, brain damage is delayed by hypothermia, cellular processes in the brain can restart spontaneously after a period of total dormancy, and patients have been resuscitated after being dormant for longer than this young man was. There is no miracle here. This process is well understood.

  1. Paul, what good can your rant about God do? You have the facts in front of you. You may be right about hypothermia, but you are definitely not kind about it. God is God of physics and science–it doesn’t always have to be a miracle–we know many things about science too. But we know nothing but what we have been taught by others, so it makes no sense to be all proud of yourself in the face of others’ good or bad “luck”. [Edited]

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