mosquito.jpgA laser-guided WMD — a weapon of mosquito destruction — was designed by scientists, using parts bought on eBay, with the intention of blasting the insects from as far as 100 feet away.

Scientists say they hope to use their lasers to fight malaria — which kills about 1 million people each year. (Read more in


  1. I don’t think there are any safe or non-annoying mosquitoes.  If there are any…they probably wouldn’t set up the device in that location anyway.  Looks like the max distance is only about a hundred feet or so (probably for safty reasons) and it probably wouldn’t work for Africanized bees. With their ability to communicate danger in a very short period of time, they’d just leave the area. Still, this concept is pretty cool and I agree that it might be possible to modify it for other pests! Better than chemicals.

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