rssHello, all you RSS subscribers and bloggers who have been using my Most Popular (FREE) News Section for content curation or headline scanning.

You have probably noticed already that only one new story has been added to Most Popular in the past two months – and it’s not because there were no popular stories!

Here is the reason: the Good News Network is under major redevelopment. In preparation for the new website’s launch in the next 4 weeks, we have taken down the paywall to our content, which makes Most Popular no longer useful as a social sharing tool.

Please grab the RSS feed for All Content, or one of our other News Sections, because now ALL our stories are accessible to everyone — not just to those who are members or subscribers.

Stay tuned for further details as the site launches. I wanted to let you know that we didn’t shut down, just because that one RSS feed is not being populated.

May good bless,

Geri Weis Corbley, founder and managing editor

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