These boys in blue wanted to properly get into the holiday spirit – so they spent Wednesday afternoon handing out turkeys instead of tickets in low-income neighborhoods.

The 25 turkeys were donated by the Fort Worth Metro Ministries to the Fort Worth, Texas police department. The FWMM is a nonprofit that works to bridge the gap between poorer communities and police officers.

“This afternoon, our officers felt that they needed a change of pace!” wrote the police department’s Facebook. “Instead of handing out the usual traffic tickets on traffic stops, they decided to hand out turkeys! Yes, turkeys! We had a few extra turkeys laying around, courtesy of Metro Ministries, and decided to show how thankful we are to our awesome citizens! We can’t wait for Thanksgiving!”

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The citizens were pretty thankful themselves, judging by the photos.

One motorist in particular reportedly stood out to Officer Buddy Calzada – a woman was driving a battered car when she was pulled over for speeding. Not only was she speeding, but her seat belts didn’t work and she had to use a wrench to open the door.

After she was pulled over, she started crying and saying she could barely afford groceries and she certainly couldn’t afford a ticket. When the cop handed her the bird instead, she was dumbfounded – and overjoyed.

(WATCH the video below)


Happy Thanksgiving: Click To Share With Your Friends – Photo by Fort Worth Police Department

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