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Ever find yourself with bags full of stuff you want to get over to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, homeless shelter, or other charity, but don’t have a car or the time?

Look no further than Roadie. This “Uber for stuff” is a nationwide network of drivers willing to transport your stuff for you.

Through August 3, users across the country—they have drivers in every state—can use the code GOODKARMA to have the full cost of the “Gig” taken care of.Daily-Table-grocery-store

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To apply it, select Enter Promo Code on your Member Profile page and punch it in.

I decided to take the app for a spin for myself, and was successfully able to hand off three bags of books, two lamps, and two large mirrors to a very nice guy named Ryan.

The app is generally best for smaller or medium-sized items, at least here in New York City, because most of the Roadies are average folks with normal-sized cars.

Book Stack CC Sharon and Nikki McCutcheonAs for the larger stuff I’m still looking to haul—a dresser, an armoire, and night stand—I’ve had a few people comment or text me and then vanish into the night, but I haven’t given up yet.

After the promotion ends, rates are reasonable—it’ll most likely cost you less than $20 bucks to move clothes, books, or toys over to a local charity. Just think of it as an extra donation.

For more on Roadie, visit their website.

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