Miss Amazing pageant - websiteJordan Somer has been a believer in beauty pageants since she was 7 years old, when they began teaching her how to be confident and work toward any goal. But when she had the opportunity to be around people with special needs at the Special Olympics, when she saw success everywhere, “on the track, the field, and each level of the award platforms,” Somer knew what she was meant to do.

In November of 2007, she held the first annual Miss Amazing pageant. Every contestant became a winner and they each get a crown.

“What began as my way to share my experiences with girls with disabilities in Nebraska, has become my passion and future career.”

The mission is now spreading nationwide with at least 22 state pageants being planned for next year.

At the first-ever national pageant recently in Omaha, Nebraska, contestants with disabilities gathered from around the country to perform, compete and touch people’s hearts.

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LEARN more at their website, missamazingpageant.com

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