Nepali officials have just announced the groundwork of the Snow Leopard Conservation Action Plan 2017-2021: a strategy that will hopefully secure the future of the elegant mountain cat.

The $3.15 million plan uses several approaches that will ensure at least 100 snow leopards of breeding age will populate all of the country’s regions by 2020. These approaches involve improving habitat and corridors through stronger cooperation across landscape boundaries as well as mitigating violent inter-community engagement. Officials also plan on cracking down more seriously on wildlife crimes and poaching.

“Snow leopards are the guardians of the water towers and the indicator of the health of the ecosystem,” Prime Minister of Nepal, Pushpa Kamal Dahal told the WWF. “Thus it is not just the responsibility of a handful of snow leopard range nations to protect the snow leopard habitat. It is the need of everyone who needs clean air and water.”

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The project, created by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation in collaboration with several other experts and officials, has also created several responses to different climate change scenarios that will preserve the snow leopard’s habitat.

“Together, these two plans will bolster Nepal’s efforts to ensure that snow leopards thrive, even in the face of complex challenges like climate change,” said Ghana Shyam Gurung, Senior Conservation Director for WWF Nepal. “We are honored to play a key role in this critical government effort and will continue our support to save this beautiful cat.”

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