The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru has wowed us again. Their first billboard, shown here, provides drinking water to a parched and arid region of Peru. Their latest creation, assembled on the construction site of their new campus where construction workers are disturbing massive amounts of dirt, is actually cleaning the air for workers and neighbors alike .

Engineers at the school say the new billboard’s structure includes purifying filters that release oxygen into the air “as effectively as 1,200 trees.” It filters large volumes of pollution particles using a Peruvian designed thermodynamic water system. They believe a five block radius is benefitting from the 3.5 million cubic feet of fresh oxygen each day.

It also imparts the school’s core intention: To inspire the public to seek practical solutions to the world’s problems through engineering.

An advertising agency, May Draft FCB, helped create the signage.

WATCH the video below, which describes the project… (Thanks to Harley Hahn for the story tip.)

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