Imagine waking up from a deep sleep only to find that you have been in a long-term marriage with a man who you don’t know; that’s exactly what happened to Angela Hartung five years ago.

Angela had been crossing an intersection in New York City when she was hit by a car. After spending one month in a coma, she woke up with no recollection of the previous fifteen years of her life.

She thought that she was still married to her first husband, even though he had died some time ago. She thought that her kids were still young, even though they had both grown up into young adults. Additionally, she did not remember anything about her second husband Jeff.

Despite the heartache that came from being a stranger to his spouse, Jeff persisted against their strange circumstances. He lined the walls of their homes with photographs and happy memories – and then, he courted his own wife until she fell in love with him all over again.

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And even though some people might disagree, Jeff believes the whole experience was a blessing in disguise.

“I honestly believe that this happened for a reason,” Jeff told CBS News. “How many times have we said, ‘I wish I could go back and do something over again?’ I’ve gotten to do that.”

To top off the emotional love story, Jeff and Angela got to renew their wedding vows in Central Park earlier this month.

(WATCH the video below or our international viewers can watch the heartwarming clip on the CBS News website)

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