A team of Israeli scientists have developed a kind of eyedrop that can heal damaged corneas and fix a patient’s nearsightedness or longsightedness.

The patented “nanodrops”, as they are called by the ophthalmologists at Bar-Ilan University, were successfully used to improve the vision of pigs. If shown to have the same results during clinical testing on humans later this year, the treatment could waive the need for eyeglasses.

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Additionally, the research team found that the nanodrops could be developed to create multifocal vision correction so they could see things at various distances similar to the effects of wearing bifocal eyeglasses.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the researchers are unsure of how long patients would need to apply the eyedrops before their vision was repaired – but if proven to be successful, the treatment would be a revolutionary method of improving eyesight.

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