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I have joined GNN as a member and thought I would share a small story with you all.

For years I was a moody, jealous and suspicious person. I felt that nobody wanted to be around me and I was ok with that. I enjoyed being a loner. I suspected everyone of talking behind my back and plotting things against me. I suspected my wife of cheating on me, which was never true. I went into depression, and tried self harm. I had a mental breakdown and needed counseling.

That was until I went through a spiritual process conducted by a friend of mine. It opened my eyes, and my life has never been better.

I have discovered angels, and frequently talk to them and the archangels. I have taken up meditation, I don’t watch the news channels, and I now feel like everyone likes me for who i am. I am more at peace with myself now, and have never been happier.

I so much want to continue my spiritual path. I have been in my new life now for less than a year, and my only regret is I wish I had discovered the angels and the alternative life years ago!

Thank you for reading my story.



    • Hi Lance,
      Thanks for your kind and supportive words. Yes the spirituality is definitely keeping me going at the moment. I’m learning more and more about it all the time. I especially like learning to talk and work with the angels.


  1. Gday Karen,

    Thanks for posting on my blog! 🙂
    My friend is an angel intuitive. I was a little bit skeptical at first, but I had hit rock bottom and was willing to try anything to better myself.
    The processing involved going back to my child hood to find out why I was such an angry person. Once that was found, it was a case of forgiving the person (in my mind and in my meditation state during the process) that had caused my life long anger.
    With the help of the Archangels during the process I was able to see my own selfishness and learnt to forgive and love. Right at the end of the process, with my eyes still closed, I saw a sudden flash of green in my right eye. I didn’t think anything of it and just thought it was due to having my eyes closed for so long. I thought I would mention it to my friend…well she just leapt up and shouted “That is Archangel Raphael!”
    I had never in my life seen any sort of color while my eyes were closed. From that moment on, I became a true believer of angels. Now when I meditate I see such vivid and deep colors and almost feel like I’m falling into those colors. I have to catch myself smiling while meditating.
    Anyway Karen, I hope this answers your question. Please contact me again if you need anything else.
    PS…Another reason I believe in angels is when I think back to all the stupid things I got up to as a young man like; attempting to ride across a freeway on my motor cross bike as fast as I could then slamming on the brakes inches from the edge of the freeway. Then a second later, a semi-trailer screamed in front of us. I had no idea why i slammed the brakes on, but if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be here today! Another time was when I was a carpet fitter and I was cutting some underlay with a pair of scissors. Again I don’t know why I stopped, but I did. When I lifted the under lay, there was a live electrical cable right in the path of my scissors!

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