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People can’t get enough of a new fast food joint in central California that is super-sizing healthy alternatives to greasy fare.

Amy’s Drive Thru offers typical fast food items like burgers, pizzas, and burritos, but Drive Thru land Screen Shot World of Veganeverything on the menu is vegetarian. Lines have been out the door since it opened in July in Rohnert Park, about 50 miles north of San Francisco. It’s already racked up close to 250 Yelp reviews, with an overall four-star rating.

“Where has this place been for my whole life?” Emily P. posted to Yelp. “The chocolate milkshakes at this place made my year!”

The restaurant fills the void left by modern-day customers’ changing tastes by offering non-GMO, organic, gluten free and vegan options—even among customers who would never normally think to eat that way.Octopus Soup CC Adrienne Byard

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“This is not a place I would have ever seek out myself, or even dare to go” Jonathan B. wrote in his review, citing a disdain for vegetarian meals before trying the broccoli mac and cheese. “Wow. This place is absolutely amazing.”

Amy’s Drive Thru has a socially conscious ambience throughout — promising health benefits and a living wage for its workers. Inside, tables are made out of repurposed car parts and tableware is made from recyclable materials.

About 90% of the food served is organic and locally grown when available. Amy’s Drive Thru also grows some of their ingredients on it’s rooftop garden, fed by a water tower that collects rainwater.lettuce CC Ano lobb

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The restaurant is a spin-off of Amy’s Kitchen, a frozen food company that has specialized in Vegan burger Screen Shot World Of Veganvegan and vegetarian meals since the 1980s. Founders Andy and Rachel Berliner named both companies after their daughter.

The two of them went through more than 1,000 combinations of vegetarian ingredients before getting their restaurant’s centerpiece burger — “The Amy,” of course, (pictured left) — just the way they wanted it. You can wash it down with a selection of non-dairy shakes made with coconut and almond milk.

The Berliners have served up an alternative to anyone deserving a break today, or any day, from traditional fast food, and customers are “lovin’ it.”

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