Due to an increasing amount of New York subway delays, this poor grad student missed his official commencement ceremony.

Because he missed such an important event, however, his fellow stranded New Yorkers hosted a makeshift graduation ceremony on the crowded subway car.

Jerich Marco Alcantara and his family were taking the E train to Hunter College’s Brookdale on Tuesday morning when the car came to a halt. Though Alcantara was set to arrive at 9:15AM, the train continued to languish for another three hours without moving.

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When the nursing student noticed that the other passengers were looking surly due to the delay, he “thanked them for coming out” in a joking manner. Everyone laughed and began to clap.

One passenger pulled up a diploma on his phone, which he then presented to Alcantara while another passenger blasted the nostalgic tune of “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day on their phone.

As the crowd clapped and wooed, Alcantara gleefully shouted: “If you want a copy of my diploma, turn on your AirDrop!”

Alcantara and his family rushed their way to the ceremony only to find that it had, in fact, already ended. But he was treated to another makeshift commencement by his friends.

(WATCH the video below)

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