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An Arizona Cardinals wide receiver got his university diploma last week, fulfilling a promise to his mother, who passed away almost a decade ago.

Because he has earned many millions of dollars as a professional athlete, it’s not like Larry Fitzgerald needed a degree.

“Many times, I thought that,” Fitzgerald said with a smile. “It’s taken a lot of time, obviously, but I am just happy I was able to stick through it.”

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No matter the fame he achieved, Fitzgerald was always teased in his family, as the only guy who didn’t graduate from college.

“Now, I can say to them I am finally there,” he told the Cardinals’ news team. “That was a pride thing for me.”

Throughout the years, and even during the football season, Fitzgerald continued to log-on to the University of Phoenix website to continue the online program and earn a degree in communications and marketing.

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Most of all, Fitzgerald, who turns 33 in August, likes the idea of showing his two young sons that an education is important regardless of how much money might be in the bank.

“Like his father before him, it was important to show his children getting a degree is how the Fitzgeralds do it.”SHARE the Perseverance… (Photo via AZ Cardinals website)

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