One of the best wide receivers in American college football met Kathy Rackley by chance at a bookstore.

She had no idea who he was and began telling him about her book club. Malcolm Mitchell, who was trying to improve his reading skills, insisted on joining, even though the club members were all older women.

So now, once a month, this black athlete gathers at a home in Athens, Georgia to discuss novels with a gaggle of women, who eventually found out about his national identity.

Reading novels is a feat Mitchell is more proud of, than any of his acrobatics on the University of Georgia football field. “That came natural,” Mitchell told Steve Hartman. “That’s a gift.”

“I had to work to read.”

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  1. “So now, once a month, this black athlete…..” I think we can all see that he’s black. The story would be no less inspiring without the reference to his race. I’m more impressed with the fact that any young person would step so far out of his comfort zone and subject himself to teasing and judgment by his peers. Young people today don’t normally show this type of humility and vulnerability. Good for him. And I’m sure his mother feels good knowing that he has such great love and support from his new group of “moms” and “grandmas” who are sure to dote on him and are proud of his achievements on and off the field.

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