Even though convicted of a murder he didn’t commit, Nick Yarris turned his life around while on death row in prison, after he became addicted to books. An amazing story of overcoming, as told in the hit Netflix documentary, Fear of 13, this man’s positive attitude is contagious and inspiring.

He joined us in studio to chat and answer audience questions, streaming LIVE on Facebook.

Author of The Kindness Approach, he has raised forgiveness to an art form and his life will be the subject of a Hollywood movie produced by our co-host, Anthony Samadani. Hear the interview below. (Note: We were experimenting with a new 3-camera set up, which occasionally produced some glitches, but hope you find it inspiring, nonetheless.)

You can jump past the good news segment, right into his interview beginning at 12:20…

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  1. If you live in L.A. you can come be in the audience for free. If you are elsewhere, you would watch it on our Facebook page (link above). You can type questions in the comments and we can read them. Hope to see you!

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