Handing out oranges with HappierBoston.orgA suicide-prevention group is generating smiles to the faces of commuters and pedestrians in Boston with their Happier Boston Campaign, which involves social interventions such as singing in elevators and asking everyone in the baseball stadium to give high-fives to everyone nearby.

The non-profit, called Samaritans, even brought crates of oranges to distribute to people coming into the subway.

“The vitamin C in oranges boosts brain power and the scent makes people happy,” wrote the group on their website. “So we handed out crates of oranges in downtown Boston to make the city smile.”

They also created a welcome party for unsuspecting commuters in a train station. Everybody had a smile and a laugh as they waved yellow signs decorated with “Welcome!” and “LOL”.

(WATCH the videos below from TODAY – and Happier Boston)

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