Delegates from North and South Korea have announced that their two countries will march under a single “unification flag” at the Winter Olympics this year.

The announcement came as a result of peace talks that were held by the two nations at the Demilitarized Zone just north of the de facto border between North and South Korea. The talks, which were hosted “to relieve military tensions” are the first of such diplomatic meetings between the two countries in two years.

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While the two Koreas have met under the unification flag nine times in the past, this year’s Olympics will be especially significant because the nations agreed to field one single women’s ice hockey team. It will be the first time that a team has ever competed for both North and South Korea in the Olympics.

North Korea will be sending “as many athletes as possible” to attend the games, as well as a high-level group of delegates, members of the press, cheerleaders, and artists.

The peace talks went so well in the Panmunjoma village, the nations even discussed temporarily lifting their travel bans for the Lunar New Year so families who are separated by the tense border can temporarily reunite for the holiday. The sanctions would also be lifted in order to allow North Korean citizens to attend the Olympics.

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