Have you ever been interested in learning the basics of sign language, but you didn’t want to pay for classes? Well, there is already a teacher out there who is waiting to teach you for free.

Chad Krohn of Rochester, New York is using the video sharing app Snapchat so he can teach sign language to the masses.

Because his mother is deaf and his father is an interpreter, American Sign Language (ASL) has always been second nature to Krohn. As he got older, however, he was surprised by how many people were unable to communicate in ASL.

After downloading Snapchat, he assumed that someone would be taking advantage of its unique features to teach language lessons – but no one had thought of it.

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“I always envisioned a future where everyone knew sign language and when I hopped on Snapchat, I was waiting and waiting for someone to do what I was doing, but no one took the opportunity to do it,” Krohn told Rochester First.

“I decided if no one is going to do it, then I have to do it,“ he added.

Using his Snapchat channel MeowChickenFish, Krohn orchestrates games, puzzles, jokes, and lessons that teach the basics of ASL.

Krohn says that he plans on bringing his lessons to YouTube in the coming months.

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